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Hackers Alliance: vBulletin!
Fri Apr 02, 2010 8:37 pm by Pimpin PSP
The Hackers Alliance has moved to vBulletin!

I'm using the LEGIT vBulletin.
but I'm using a free host.
This is the real url

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

So, I hope to all you have a better experience in how our site has changed.

thank you all for your cooperation to get the site this big! [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

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Thu Mar 25, 2010 5:09 pm by Pimpin PSP
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 ULUS-10472 Army of Two the 40th Day [US]

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Battle Star

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PostSubject: ULUS-10472 Army of Two the 40th Day [US]   Sat Jan 16, 2010 5:47 am

0x00325B80 0x4B18967D

#Inf Health
;Credit KiNgOfUnIvErS
;That works 100%
0x000013B0 0x03E00008

#Mark & Recall Up/Down
;Credit KiNgOfUnIvErS
; Up : Mark
;Down : Recall
0x00001000 0x3C0808B2
0x00001004 0x8D0872F8
0x00001008 0x3C0908B1
0x0000100c 0x8D299F1C
0x00001010 0x340A0010
0x00001014 0x340B0040
0x00001018 0x3C0C0880
0x0000101C 0x152A0007
0x00001020 0x00000000
0x00001024 0xC50B0010
0x00001028 0xC50C0014
0x0000102C 0xC50D0018
0x00001030 0xE58B0FF0
0x00001034 0xE58C0FF4
0x00001038 0xE58D0FF8
0x0000103C 0x8D8D0FF4
0x00001040 0x11A00008
0x00001044 0x00000000
0x00041664 0x0A200400
0x00001048 0x152B0006
0x0000104C 0xC58B0FF0
0x00001050 0xC58C0FF4
0x00001054 0xC58D0FF8
0x00001058 0xE50B0010
0x0000105C 0xE50C0014
0x00001060 0xE50D0018
0x00001064 0x03E00008

#No Reload
;Credit kkhoun
0x001c9d20 0xa08100f8

#Rapid Fire
;Credit kkhoun
0x001c9b68 0xaca10000

#Zoom In
0x003270d0 0x40000000
0x003270d4 0x40000000

0x003281b0 0x40800000

#Infinite Ammo
;Credit: Creator
;Visual Modification.
;Sometimes Actually works.
;Made in Easy mode.
;Made on Rios.
;Made at Shanghai.
0x00326010 0x41F00000
0x003C76AC 0x00000000
0x005CC9B8 0x00001E1E

#Chipmunk Voices
;Credits to Battle Star
0x00008780 0x3C044580

;edit Value for higher/less
;Credits to Battle Star
0x0003EDF8 0x3C044480

#Mirrored Text
;Credits to Battle Star
0x0005BCAC 0x3C044280
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ULUS-10472 Army of Two the 40th Day [US]
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